SQL Server 2014 New Features Basit’s SQL Server Tips

SQL Server 2014 New Features Basit’s SQL Server Tips


In previous versions of SQL Server the easy way to fix IO issues was to add memory. This was easy and effective but not always practical and often expensive.

This engine has been optimized for OLTP and promises significant performance and scalability improvements for OLTP applications. SQL Server 2014 includes an In-Memory OLTP engine code namedHekaton. This engine provides a lock and latch free environment for OLTP workloads. It is fully integrated into SQL Server and accessed using standard T-SQL. Contrary to other products in the market, Hekaton is not a separate system, it is part of the SQL Server Database Engine. Hekaton enables you to use both disk based tables and Memory-Optimized Tables together in the same queries andstored procedures. In version 2019, access to specific users or groups also could be set for columns and tables.

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SQL Server is one of the most widely deployed relational database management systems, or RDBMS, today. It runs on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and UNIX. It’s a powerful, high-performance database engine that provides a consistent programming model. It boasts high performance, reliability, scalability, security, and manageability and offers a set of powerful tools for data warehousing, analysis, reporting, ETL, and OLAP.

What are the three necessary database administration functions?

Before trying to understand the functions of the database administrator, it is necessary to first learn the three different functional levels needed to maintain a database. These levels are the data administration (DA), the database administration (DBA), and database steward.

This feature is only available in Enterprise edition of SQL Server 2014 and require a 64 bit installation of SQL Server. SQL Server is a dominant database management system used by various organizations throughout the world. This article presents a detailed overview of its multiple versions, editions, architecture, and database platform services.

Basit’s SQL Server Tips

The main features in SQL Server 2014 were the integration to Azure and Memory Optimized Tables. You can for example migrate your Database on-premises to a Virtual Machine in Azure. With PolyBase, you can query NoSQL data like csv files stored in Azure Blob Storage or in HDInsight. However, many SQL Server systems suffer from poor performance and scalability, often caused by poordatabase design, index design and a SQL Server system improperly configured for the workload. The reason for this is that the main goal of the development process of any large-scale SQL Server project is functionality, with performance and scalability frequently treated as an afterthought. This article explains how to improve the performance of OLTP applications using SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP engine. This article also details what makes SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP engine different from other vendors in-memory OLTP engines and how to use that to your advantage.

sql server 2014 new features for dba

The In-Memory OLTP allows you to move individual tables to unique in-memory structures. This increases the performance since the entire database is not placed in the main memory. Furthermore, you can convert existing stored procedures into sql server 2014 new features for dba in-memory procedures too. But again you have to be very careful making your transactions delayed durable or not. SQLCMD is a command line application that comes with Microsoft SQL Server, and exposes the management features of SQL Server.

What is NUMA: Why Does SQL Server Care?

SQLCMD is a command-line utility for querying and managing data in SQL Server. It allows you to query the SQL Server databases and execute SQL statements against them.

sql server 2014 new features for dba

The SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP engine — project name Hekaton — is one of the key new performance-related architectural enhancements to the SQL Server database engine. It is designed to boost performance of OLTP and data-warehouse workloads and reduce processing times. The SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP engine is supported on 64-bit Enterprise, Developer and Evaluation editions ofSQL Server 2014. Microsoft SQL Server is a database engine, which stores, processes, and secures data and makes it accessible for users.

How to Count All SQL Server Object Types in the Database

R Services changed the name to Machine Learning Services and access to Python libraries. New dynamic Management views like the sys.dm_db_log_stats, sys.dm_tran_version_store_space_usage and sys.dm_db_log_info.

  • The service program receives and processes service broker messages.
  • This ensures that log-ins and jobs that are stored in the master and msdb databases are always kept in sync, erasing a major headache for DBAs.
  • Standard edition includes the core functionality required for most applications.

A power query allows you to search and access data files from all across multiple sites. Furthermore, you can analyze these data accordingly; clean, transform, shape or merge and combine. The stretch database adopted by this version allows you to store most of your recent data files in your local storage but move the older files into the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The feature allows you to present your data files as a single data store while in the background, you can segregate active older files. Furthermore, the speed to access live data is boosted significantly. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 has capabilities of database management systems to high-performance platforms such as Linux and Docker containers. You can now run this server on Linux computers for a better database management experience.

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He is an accomplished SSIS author, teacher at IT Academies and has over 13 years of experience working with different databases. This version started to support Windows NT. SQL Server 4.2 was supported in Windows NT and OS/2 (an IBM-Microsoft OS). It was also introduced SQL Profiler, which is still in the last versions but will be removed soon. It was also introduced the XML support, User Defined Functions, Indexed Views, Replication enhancements, Log Shipping and more. The Reporting Services and Analysis services used a completely new platform. SSMS includes IntelliSense features and a Database Recovery Advisor.

sql server 2014 new features for dba